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Using A/B Testing

 Preview of a list of user groups added on which are using for AB Testing

A/B Testing allows you to segment users into separate group promotions randomly via simple controls.

On install, A/B Testing creates 4 new user groups and promotions in both A and B classifications; others can be created as needed via the standard XenForo interface. An example group and promotion is Active Member (Group A), and Active Member (Group B).

Users have a random number between 0 and 99.99 assigned to them. When a user group promotion is created with the “Chance” criteria under “Apply this promotion while..” set, the promotion will be applied or not based on that random number and the threshold you set for the promotion.

The criteria for chance are “Users random number is above: X” and “Users random number is below: X”, where X is the number you wish to use as the threshold for the criteria.