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NoFollow Rules

 Use of the NoFollow Rules within Content Management Plus

NoFollow rules allow you to set content to automatically have “NoFollow” applied and removed from the sitemap to prevent search engines from indexing it. You can add and edit NoFollow rules under Admin Control Panel > Content Management Plus > NoFollow Rules.

To add a NoFollow rule, click the “Add rule” button in the upper-right.

When you create a NoFollow rule, you’ll first need to select a content type, such as Resource, Thread, User, Album, or Media. Once you set that, you’ll be able to specify the title and execution order (which determines the priority for NoFollow rules to be applied). The following criteria is available for determining whether content will have a NoFollow rule applied:

Thread Criteria

This allows you to set thread content as NoFollow when it meets any of the specified criteria, such as node, thread status, and thread activity.

User Criteria

This allows you to set content as NoFollow based on a wide range of user criteria options.

User Field Criteria

This expands on User Criteria, but allows you to select custom user fields as criteria for setting a NoFollow rule.