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Adding & Managing Campaigns

To get started, navigate to the setup tab of your Administrator Control Panel, locate Donate in the sidebar, and click Campaigns. Select +Add Campaign on the top right of the Campaigns menu.

Title - Input your own custom title which will be viewed on the donation page and on the campaigns you've created.

Tag line - Enter a tag line for the donation.

Description - The description is shown below the title that explains what this campaign is based on. You are able to use HTML formatting when typing the description.

Display Order - Choose the display order for each campaign starting at one and making your way down. The lowest number such as one will be shown first. If you have multiple campaigns they will then be shown above or below depending on the number set.

Currency - Choose what currency you'd like to use for the campaign.

Minimum donation amount - This is the minimum donation amount that should be accepted.

Preset donation values - If defined, the user will be required to choose an amount from these values. They will not be able to enter their own amount.

Allow custom amounts - This will allow users to set their own donation amount. It is automatically enabled if preset amounts aren’t defined.

Hide donations after X days - This option allows users to hide donations that are older than the specified number of days so they will no longer be shown in the donation list of the campaign that is being edited. They will still count toward all statistics and appear in all other lists.

Goal - Choose your own goal by inputting it in the following format: 50.00. This goal will be shown on the donation page on the goal progress bar. If your campaign is set to recurring, the goal will reset at every set interval. A progress bar with completion percentage will display on the front end for users to see. (Note: Numbers in XenForo do not use commas as thousands separators. Example: $5,000 would simply be 5000.)

Lock campaign when it reaches the goal - After the campaign has reached or exceeded the goal, donations will not be accepted.

Limit donations to goal - Donations will not be able to exceed the donations goal. Preset donation amounts that would cause the goal to be exceeded will be removed and a preset will be created to match the remaining left in the goal. The “Lock campaign when it reaches the goal” option will be automatically enabled if this option is enabled. If the minimum donation amount would exceed the goal, the campaign will be locked before the goal is met.

Start date - When setting the campaign start date, it will start at 12:00AM based on the current time zone you have set on your board.

This campaign should automatically reset on a regular basis - The campaign will continue indefinitely, or until it's end date, and reset at set intervals. If chosen, you can select the frequency it repeats and if recurring donations are allowed. Campaigns can reset either daily, monthly, or yearly.

End Date - This allows you to set the end date of the current campaign. If you leave it blank, the campaign will continue to run until it is manually disabled.

NOTICE: If you have the following box unchecked "This campaign should automatically reset on a regular basis" and have an end date set. You will see a countdown for the following campaign you are editing. This countdown will be seen on the donations page and on the campaign widget.

Payment Profile - Select which payment profiles you'd like to use on this campaign. You are able to set your own payment profiles by navigating to Options > Service providers > Payment profiles > Add a payment profile before navigating back to this menu to select which ones you want to use. Click here for a video on creating a payment profile.

Campaign is active - When checked, the campaign will be active and shown on the donations page. If unchecked it will not be able to be viewed on the donations page.

Allow anonymous donations - When checked, this will allow users to donate without being shown. If it is unchecked, users will be shown on the donations page and the widgets.

Allow comments - This will allow users to comment on campaigns.

Track Donations

Donate tracks donations made to each campaign. To view a list of donations made to a campaign, simply click on the Donations button on the side of the specific campaign for which you are reviewing.

Manually Add Donations

To manually add donations that have been made to a campaign, click on the Donations button on the side of the specific campaign for which you are reviewing. Then click Add Donation and enter the necessary information.


The Milestones feature is a way for users to create stages of completion for their campaigns. To view a list of donations made to a campaign, simply click on the Milestones button on the side of the specific campaign for which you are reviewing.

Milestones can be set by either a specific amount or a percentage. To set a specific amount, simply uncheck "Percent" when creating the milestone.

Each milestone can have a color associated with it and will be displayed in the progress bar. To set a color, use the color picker when creating or editing the milestone.

Send milestone alert - If enabled, an alert will be sent to all users defined on the Options page for Donate, when this milestone is reached.

Milestone is active - This must be checked in order for the milestone to be enabled.

Cover and Icon

You can add a cover and/or icon to the campaign. To add them, after a campaign has been created, navigate to ACP > Donate > Campaigns > Click on the campaign to add it to and then you can select the Manage cover button and Manage icon button.