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Administrator Permissions

The following administrator permissions can be set:

  • Manage [TH] Donate
  • Manage donation campaigns

Moderator Permissions

The following moderator permissions can be set:

  • View inactive campaigns
  • Edit all donation messages
  • Edit any comments
  • Delete any comments
  • Hard-delete any comments
  • Approve / unapprove comments
  • View moderated comments
  • View deleted comments
  • Undelete comments
  • Give warnings on comments
  • View anonymous donors

User Permissions

The following user permissions can be set:

  • View campaigns
  • Donate
  • Edit own donation messages
  • Time limit on editing donation messages (minutes)
  • React to campaigns
  • React to donation messages
  • React to comments
  • Comment on campaigns
  • Comment on own donations
  • Comment on any donations
  • Edit own comments
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own comments (minutes)
  • Delete own comments