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Options in XenForo

To navigate to Options, go to ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] XPress Forum User Bridge.

WordPress URL - Enter the root URL of your WordPress blog.

WordPress API Key - Enter the WordPress API key. It can be found by going to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > XPress Forum User Bridge.

Authenticate with WordPress - If enabled, when no XenForo user is found for the given login credentials, XPress Forum User Bridge attempts to authenticate the user against your WordPress installation.

  • If a WordPress user is found and a XenForo user for its email address exists, the XenForo user's password will be updated.
  • If a WordPress user is found and a XenForo user with a matching email address is not found, the user will be logged in and a XenForo user will be made with the same credentials.
  • If a WordPress user is not found, the user will need to register. New users to XenForo will not have an account made in WordPress until they log into WordPress with the same email address if Authentication with XenForo is enabled in the WordPress settings.

Import roles - If enabled, the selected XenForo group will be added to each of your users if their WordPress account has the listed role when they log in. Only the highest priority group that matches will be assigned. User groups will not be removed at any point. If a user’s role is changed in WordPress, then the corresponding role in XenForo that the role was changed to will be added and the corresponding role in XenForo that the role was changed from will remain as well. Adding the Administrator user group to a user does not grant him XenForo administrator privileges, these have to be assigned manually.

Import roles Best Practices

Using import roles to change, promote, or demote roles.

If you want to automatically have roles changed, promoted, or demoted based on things like upgrades the best way to accomplish that would be to set up the roles and upgrades how you would like them in XenForo and enable the Import roles setting in WordPress. If you were to try to use WordPress to manage the roles/upgrades, it may not transfer to XenForo as you intend as roles can be added to XenForo from WordPress but not removed.