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Settings In Wordpress

XenForo Board URL - The URL for the XenForo Board that is entered in the XenForo Admin Control Panel > Setup > Options > Basic board information in Board URL.

XenForo API Key - Enter a XenForo Super User API Key. It can be obtained under XenForo Admin Control Panel > Setup > Service providers > API keys. The API Key Type must be a Super user key.

Authenticate with XenForo - If enabled, when no WordPress user is found for the given login credentials, XPress Forum User Bridge attempts to authenticate the user against your XenForo installation.

  • If a XenForo user is found and a WordPress user for its email address exists, the WordPress user's password will be updated.
  • If a XenForo user is found and a WordPress user with a matching email address is not found, the user will be logged in and a WordPress user will be made with the same credentials.
  • If a XenForo user is not found, the user will need to register. New users to WordPress will not have an account made in XenForo until they log into XenForo with the same email address if Authentication with WordPress is enabled in the XenForo settings.

Import roles - If enabled, the selected WordPress role will be assigned to each of your users if their XenForo account has the listed user group when they log in. Only the highest priority role that matches will be assigned. Any existing XenForo user groups will be displayed and can be imported. In the first box after the XenForo User Group is listed, enter the role you would like for that group to have in WordPress. In the second box to set a priority, enter a numerical value that will determine which role should be assigned if multiple apply with the highest priority value being assigned. Example: Make Registered a [Subscriber] at priority [100].

WordPress API Key - This is the API Key that will be entered in XenForo under Options for XPress Forum User Bridge that will connect WordPress and XenForo. You may regenerate it by checking the above checkbox and save this page should the API key ever be compromised.