Troubleshooting: Please view the Troubleshooting Documentation should you encounter issues.

  • First, install XLink following the instructions here and then install XPress following the instructions here.
  • Set up any Permissions as needed. For more information on XLink permissions click here and for XPress permissions click here.
  • Review the Options for XLink and make any necessary changes. Documentation for XLink Options can be found here.
  • Add a new platform for WordPress. (Click here for documentation.)
  • Set up the Platform Options. Documentation for the platform options can be found here for XLink and here for XPress.
  • View or generate linked users if you would like. (Click here for documentation.)
  • If desired, add user promotions to promote a user to a specified role/user group on the remote platform by a set of criteria you define. We would recommend a promotion from XenForo Admin to WordPress Admin. (Click here for documentation.)
  • For ease of navigation, you can access Links in XenForo that will direct you to the designated section of your remote platform. (Click here for documentation.)
  • Set up featured posts on your homepage if you would like. (Click here for documentation.)
  • Review the Style Properties for XPress and make any changes as needed. (Click here for documentation.)
  • Set up widgets if desired. Some widgets are ready to be set up upon installation. (Click here for documentation.) If you would like to synchronize widgets from XenForo to WordPress or WordPress to XenForo, follow the instructions for XLink here and XPress here.
  • Edit the navigation tab that was generated or to create a new navigation tab. (Click here for documentation.)
  • XPress adds several ad positions for ads if you would like to use those positions. (Click here for documentation.)
  • If you are interested in plugins we recommend, please click here to learn more.
  • If you are using PLESK or want to use SSO, please follow the steps here.
  • If you are importing data through XenBlog and XenPorta 2 for XenForo 2, please see the documentation here.
  • Once XPress and XLink are set up and being used, you can view and manage linked entities. (Click here for documentation.)
  • When using XLink/XPress, you can use functional tags that can be added to a WordPress post to achieve different functionality. (Click here for documentation.)
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