XenForo Widget

This widget is automatically added to XenForo upon installation. To view the widget, navigate to XenForo Admin Control Panel → Appearance → Widgets.

Latest Articles This widget displays a list of latest articles from WordPress categories linked to the given node. You can link categories in the WordPress dashboard category section by selecting either a forum or a category. Smart category select will automatically pick the most appropriate category based on the given context.

Note: This widget only works on widget positions which have a node context given, such as forum view, thread view, or similar.

WordPress Widgets

These widgets are automatically added to WordPress upon installation. To view the widgets, navigate to WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets.

Newest forum threads Displays a list of threads that are associated with blog posts from the most prominent category on the given page.

Recent content Displays a list of recent blog posts on your WordPress blog.

Recent comments Display a list of recent comments on your WordPress blog. If you switched to XenForo thread view and have comment synchronization disabled, this widget will not show any recent comments.

Widget Synchronization

Please refer to the XLink documentation for more information on how to set up synchronized widgets.

Importing a widget to XenForo from WordPress

Head to your WordPress widget management under WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets. Add the Widget you wish to make available in XenForo to the XenForo Configurations position. After you saved it, follow the steps as described in the XLink documentation to use your new Widget in XenForo.

Importing a widget to WordPress from XenForo

Please follow the steps as described in the XLink documentation. Afterwards, you may select the XPress widget from the left hand side widget list and choose where you would like the widget to appear. Then give the widget a title and select your widget (by its widget key) under Widget Type. You can use the XPress widget for multiple widgets from XenForo.

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