1. Register for an account on their website.

  2. After registering, navigate to their developer webpage.

  3. Click on “My Apps” before clicking “Check it out” as it should take you to the developer dashboard.

  4. Login to the developer dashboard before clicking “create an app”. From there enter in the required information.

  5. The next pop-up menu will ask if the application is for commercial or not, by default it is suggested you click no.

  6. From there, check off all the boxes shown in the last pop-up menu before clicking submit.

  7. Afterwards, copy the Client ID and Client Secret before navigating to Connected Accounts by going to your XenForo ACP → Setup → Service providers → Connected accounts.

  8. You are going to see that Spotify isn’t enabled as of yet, so click on it before pasting in the Client ID and Client Secret.

  9. Navigate to the connected account page again before looking for “Test Provider”. Don’t click on it yet as you need to head back to the Developer Dashboard.

  10. Click on “Edit Settings” on the application you created before adding your forums web address there. Click on “Test Provider” before copying the url shown below where it says “Note: To perform this test, the provider must support redirecting to the following URL:”. Paste that into Redirect URL field before clicking add to add it to your URLs.

  11. Last but not least, click on Test as it should then tell you if the test passed or not.

  12. Your users should then be able to connect their Spotify accounts to their forum account or create a new one by clicking the Spotify button under “Login as”.

[TH] Spotify Options

To navigate to Options, go to ACP → Setup → Options → [TH] Spotify.

Poll rate - This setting allows you to set the update rate for the current track which is showing when viewing users who are listening to music on Spotify.

Style Properties

To navigate to the style properties, go to ACP → Appearance → Styles & templates → Style properties → [TH] Spotify.

The following settings can be enabled/disabled:

  • Show playback on member tooltip

  • Show playback details on member tooltip

  • Show playback on member view

  • Show playback details on member view

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