To navigate to Options, go to ACP → Content → [TH] Covers → Options.

These options allow you to enable/disable items which will show on the user’s profile with the cover itself applied. Such items include:

  • User Title The custom user title or user title set by you or a user group.
  • Last Seen Where you were last seen on the forum or how long ago it has been since you were online.
  • User Banner The user banner which is set by you when creating a user group or user group banner.

Use covers as Open Graph images This option allows cover images to be embedded as Open Graph meta information for display on social media.

The following options below allow you to show the profile cover on the selected positions shown below. Such positions include:

  • Member card
  • Visitor menu

Maximum cover file size This option allows you to set a maximum attachment file size in kilobytes (KB). When users attempt to upload attachments that are over the size specified, they will be rejected.

Allow content owners to create/edit covers This option when enabled allows content owners to create or modify covers if they have the appropriate permissions.

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