To navigate to the Cover browser, go to ACP → Content → [TH] Covers → Cover list.

The cover browser allows you to view all covers that have been assigned to content. You are able to search these covers by content type, username, range of date between in which they were last modified, and more.

If you would like to remove a cover, you are able to select any of the covers listed and delete it. You are able to view covers on threads or resources by clicking the ‘View host content’ link.

Edit Cover

When viewing the edit cover menu, you will notice a few buttons and information about the cover as well.

Modify image Upload a custom cover through your computer or download it through a URL.

Style cover Set a custom background color behind the cover image.

Position cover Adjust the position of the cover by moving the image.

Choose cover preset Clicking this button shows what cover presets are available before allowing you to select a cover preset that you’ve created on the back-end. After it is selected, it will update the user's cover.

Delete Clicking this button will delete the user's cover, please only click this when necessary as there is no way to revert this.

Content Type This shows what content type this cover is. For example: [Resource] Name and [Thread] Name.

User This shows the user who is using the cover itself.

Edit date This shows when the cover was last edited, rather it be recoloring, replacing the cover image, or the preset itself.

Preset This shows what preset is being used.

Background color This setting allows you to display a background color of your choosing.

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