Post Comments Settings

You can find the settings for Post Comments under Setup -> Options -> [TH] Post Comments.

Maximum Comment Depth

The maximum comment depth regulates how deep comments on posts are able to be nested. When your nesting depth is set to 1, only regular posts can be commented on. When your nesting depth is set to 2, their comments can also be commented upon - and so forth. The maximum comment depth is 4.

Hide comment depth

The hide depth regulates how deep comments on posts can be shown on page load. Any depth below this level will initially be hidden and can only be revealed by clicking on a link.

Replace reply and multi-quote links

With this setting enabled, a single reply link will appear and will be able to be used to post comments. Multi-quote will be disabled. If this option is disabled, a separate comment link will be shown alongside the reply and multi-quote links.

Enable Multi-Quote for Comments

This option disables the multi-quote functionality for comments when the multi-quote system is enabled.

Post Comments Permissions

Can Comment on Post

This permission allows users to use post comments. Without the permission enabled, users are only able to reply to the thread as usual.

Cache Rebuilder

The following cache rebuilder is available:

  • Rebuild post nesting
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