[TH] Style Switch needs to be configured with the styles arranged in a specific manner in order to work properly.

  • First, and most importantly, [TH] Style Switch works best when you don’t have too many themes installed. The best configuration for maximum compatibility with [TH] Style Switch is to have one light style, one dark style, and a child style below each. For autodetect, you should add an additional child style below whichever style you wish to be the primary.
  • [TH] Style Switch works by switching the CSS formatting present in styles, so your light and dark mode styles should not contain any differences in HTML objects themselves. Attempting to use style switch between two dramatically different styles may not result in the expected experience.
  • Only supported browsers and devices can utilize the auto-detect feature. You can still offer as many themes as you want to your visitors, but only set up 2 themes with this product to switch between that differ by no more than some minor CSS and colors. View a list of supported browsers here.
  • There are some server errors that will likely come up when Style Switch is being installed or upgraded because the template modifications are kept, but the add-on isn’t running during the process. These aren’t an issue unless they continue appearing.
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