The styles I’ve selected won’t change using the toggle or auto-detect - First, you should verify you have done the following:

  1. Used styles that are only different in CSS - Due to limitations in [TH] Style Switch, you must select styles that only have differences in the CSS. Any two themes that have a difference in HTML/Javascript are not compatible with Style Switch.
  2. Ensure that Javascript is enabled - [TH] Style Switch relies on Javascript to trigger the style changes.

Auto-detection of styles doesn’t work - There is one primary cause for auto-detection of styles to not work; the browser & device must support the prefers-color-scheme media query. This is critical for auto-detection functionality. View a list of compatible browsers.

I have a lot of styles available for users to select, but they won’t work with [TH] Style Switch enabled - [TH] Style Switch is designed to work with the pre-selected light & dark styles set in the configuration. We recommend you deactivate styles not used with [TH] Style Switch, or remove the style picker feature from your theme and manually add-in the toggle switch for [TH] Style Switch.

I purchased light & dark versions of an XF2 theme, but it isn’t working with [TH] Style Switch - You should verify that the styles in question are just modifying CSS, and don’t have differences in rendered HTML. We can only provide support for themes we’ve developed. Feel free to browse our XF2 themes!

The toggle switch isn’t visible on my site - You will need to ensure you’ve selected appropriate light & dark styles in [TH] Style Switch’s options, and that the theme you are using has either the default style picker enabled or that you’ve placed the custom code needed for the [TH] Style Switch toggle somewhere in your theme (This is only necessary if you’ve disabled the default style picker or chosen “None” for the toggle switch position).

My issue isn’t listed here - We strive to ensure our add-ons are error-free, but should you find an issue not covered above, please let us know.

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