To navigate to Options, go to ACP → Setup → Options → [TH] Style Switch.

Light style definitions & Dark style definitions - Your styles will show up here for you to choose which styles are light and dark. If a user accesses a style that is not defined here, the switch won’t occur.

Primary light & dark style - Select the style you would like to set. If you don’t select an appropriate light & dark style, [TH] Style Switch won’t be enabled.

Additional stylesheets to load with light & dark style - If you’ve written extra CSS outside of your existing style, you can place them here.

Autodetect style - The style chosen will have autodetect functionality enabled for it. Autodetect can only be applied to one style.

Toggle switch position - Choose where you would like the style toggle switch to be located; either after the style picker, before the style picker, or none. If none is chosen, the style toggle switch won’t be displayed automatically; however, you can then position it manually in the templates using {{ thstyleswitch_toggleswitch() }} . The custom placed toggle will only work if you haven’t selected one of the other options.

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