To navigate to General Options, go to ACP → Setup → Options → [TH] Featured Threads and Content: General Options.

General options

Slider background image dimensions - Enter the pixels you would like all uploaded slider background images to be. All uploaded slider background images will be resized to fill the specified dimensions. If an uploaded image is smaller than the dimensions it will be upscaled to fit.

Feature page options

Enable featured content page - This must be selected in order for the featured content page to be active.

Featured content per page - Enter the number of featured items to be displayed per page.

Maximum excerpt length - Enter the maximum number of characters that should be displayed in the excerpt for the featured item. The message will be pulled from the first thread post for threads and truncated to this length when possible. The maximum length will not apply to already featured content if the maximum excerpt length is changed or for imported values unless the Trim excerpt to maximum length option is enabled.

Trim excerpt to maximum length - If the excerpt exceeds the maximum allowed length and this option is enabled it will automatically be trimmed to that length. When enabled, this will adjust the maximum excerpt length for any existing featured content that exceeds the new maximum.

Please Note: This will break BB Code in the excerpt.

New Feature Expiration Date

  • Indefinite - When chosen, the featured content will not have an expiration date applied.
  • For - Enter the amount of time a new featured content should retain its status as featured. After the featured status is expired, it will no longer show up as featured content anywhere but will still exist in the forum.

Member options

Enable member profile tab - Enables the "Featured content" tab on member profiles to display the user’s current featured content.

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