To navigate to Automatic feature criteria, go to ACP → Content → [TH] Featured Threads and Content → Automatic feature criteria.

To add an auto feature criteria, once in the Automatic feature criteria page choose Add auto feature.

Content type - Choose the content type the criteria should be applied to.

Auto feature options

Title - Name the auto feature criteria so you can identify it.

Content type - Displays the content type chosen.

Execution order - Choose the order in which auto feature criteria will be checked. Lower values will run first and once a criteria has succeeded it will be immediately applied and no others will be checked.

Set feature background image from attachments when possible - When enabled, if an image attachment is found it will use that attachment as the background image for whichever thread is featured.

Criteria is active - This must be selected for the criteria to be enabled. If an automatic feature criteria is disabled, any content that has already been given featured status due to the automatic feature criteria will remain featured until it expires if an expiration has been set.

Other criteria

You can use the Thread criteria, User criteria, Resource criteria, Media criteria, User field criteria, and Remote platform criteria to set additional criteria. The Remote platform criteria comes from the platforms you have set up using XLink. If you don’t have XLink or any platforms set up, this will not be an option.

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