Reaction options

Category - Choose the category for the reaction.

Verb - When enabled and possible, a verb will be used in place of the reaction name in alerts. For example, instead of "____ reacted to your post in the thread ____ with Like.", it will say "____ liked your post in the thread ____.". In the textbox, enter the verb you would like to appear. To create the example above, you would enter “liked” in the textbox.

Note for Verb: This will not work on some add-ons that implement reactions, in these cases it will revert back to the default alert text with the reaction name.

Display options

Display type - Choose the reaction display type.

Options based on the display type will then be shown.

Text options:

  • Text - Enter the text you would like for the reaction.

  • Text color - Choose the color you would like for the text.

CSS class option:

  • CSS class - Enter the CSS class.

HTML option:

  • HTML - Enter the HTML.

Font Awesome icon options:

  • Font Awesome icon - Enter the Font Awesome icon class name.

  • Font Awesome icon color - Choose the color for the icon.

Smilie/emoji option:

  • Smilie/emoji - Choose the smilie or emoji to use.

Content criteria

Content types - Choose which content types the reaction can be used in or leave it blank to use it in all of them.

When Posts is selected under content types, you'll be able to use the following criteria under Post Criteria.

  • Is first post Check this if you want the first post to be included.

  • Is not first post Check this if you don’t want the first post to be included.

Nodes - Choose what nodes you would like to allow the reaction to be used in. This is only applicable to posts.

Only display within selected nodes (rather than including child nodes) - Check this if you do not want the child nodes included.

Other criteria

Use the User criteria, User field criteria, and Remote platform criteria (if available) to choose who can use the reaction. The Remote platform criteria comes from the platforms you have set up using XLink. If you don’t have XLink or any platforms set up, this will not be an option.

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