XLink’s platform management can be accessed via the XenForo Admin Control Panel → XLink → Platforms. The platform management allows you to link new remote platforms to your XenForo installation and manage existing platform links.

Adding a platform

Adding a new platform is simple. On the XLink platform manager, click “Link platform”, and select your remote platform type, configure it and hit “save”. For more information, see “Platform Options” in the documentation for general platform options and in your bridge product for remote platform type specific options.

Editing a platform

Existing platform links can be edited at any time. Just click the name of the platform on the platform manager to access the existing configuration.

Deleting a platform

The platform manager allows you to delete existing platform links. It is important to keep in mind that deleting a platform link will completely remove all linked data, meaning that creating a new platform link will not restore previously made links between XenForo and remote entities or accounts. That data will be gone permanently.

Notice: To temporarily disable the bridge, disable all bridge related products on the remote platform.

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