To set up and manage auto moderation based on reactions, navigate to ACP → Content → Reactions → Reaction content auto moderation.

Adding auto moderation

In Reaction content auto moderation, choose “Add auto moderation”.

Content type - Choose the content type for moderation.

Title - Enter a title for the moderation.

Execution order - Choose the order for the moderation to be executed with the lowest number being executed first. When the moderation criteria are met, only the first applicable moderation will be used.

Perform action as - Enter the user that this action will be performed as.

Action - Choose to report, hide, or delete the content if the criteria are met.

Reaction score threshold - Content that is equal to or less than this value will have this auto moderation applied to it. This should always be a negative value.

Auto moderation is active - This box must be checked to enable the auto moderation.

Forum limit - Choose the forums where the auto moderation should be used.

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