Notice: Widget synchronization may not be available for all remote platform types. Please refer to the individual documentation of the platform type for more information on whether this functionality is supported.

Notice: Although technically possible, it is not recommended to pipe a widget from one remote platform to another with XLink, as this heavily impacts performance. If you absolutely require this, we strongly recommend a custom coded direct approach.

XLink is capable of automatically transferring widgets between XenForo and supported remote platforms, making it possible to port remote platform Widgets to XenForo and vice versa.

Use a remote platform widget in XenForo

Please refer to the specific documentation of your remote platform bridge product for more information on how to add a widget for portability first. As soon as you’ve set up your Widget on the remote platform, head to your XenForo Admin Control Panel → Appearance → Widgets. XLink will automatically synchronize your remote setups and make new widgets available when opening that page. Once the synchronization has completed, you may add those widgets as you normally would with any XenForo widget.

Notice: Unless you add a title in the Titles field, a generic XLink title will be created on the widget.

Notice: For performance reasons, XLink caches all widget contents that are pulled from remote platforms. The cache duration can be configured in the general XLink options.

Use a XenForo widget on a remote platform

You may make XenForo widgets available on selected remote platforms by heading to your XenForo Admin Control Panel → Appearance → Widgets, and adding the widget to the remote platforms configuration widget position. Once saved, you may navigate to your remote platforms widget configuration page to find the new widget there.

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