To navigate to Options, go to ACP → Setup → Options → [TH] Filter. 

Thread lists: Threads per page - Enter how many threads should be visible per page.

All threads page default filter widgets - Choose whether Prefixes, Nodes, or both should be the default filter in widgets on the “All Threads” page. Whatever is chosen as the default will be hidden from the filter menu.

Filter menu toggle position - This sets where the toggle for the filter menu will be. The options are: 

  • Filter bar - Places the filter menu on the filter bar above the list of posts.
  • Page action - Places the filter menu under a button in the page action location.
  • Block outer - Places the filter menu on the outer block.

Enable randomized node label color - When enabled, nodes without a fixed color value already set will be randomly assigned a fixed color value.

Invert node label color - When enabled, the node background color will be used as the text color instead.

Trending threads configuration - This option allows you to choose which trending configuration to use for the trending threads view (requires our Trending add-on).

Filter color - This option allows you to set a custom forum filter color instead of using the color that is generated after creating the forum (can be edited within the Nodes section of Forums).

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