Saving Filter Sets

In order to save a filter set, click on the Save button that is shown on the Latest Threads page next to the page action button. Once you’ve clicked on that button, you’ll see a field box that will allow you to input a new set name for your filter set.

Once you’ve set a name for it then click “Save”. It will then be shown beneath the Saved section above the Prefix and Forums widget boxes on the sidebar.

Overwriting Filter Sets

You can also overwrite a filter set so that another follows the same options you set within the Filters section. Click on the Save button before ticking off Overwrite existing set. Choose a filter set from the dropdown that you’d like to overwrite before clicking Save again. You’ve now overwritten one of your saved filter sets!

Editing Filter Sets

In order to edit your filter set(s) click on the Edit link beneath the saved filter sets widget. You’ll then be able to view a few options that allow you to change the title, display order, set it as your default, or delete it from your list of filter sets.

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