Custom Routes

Individual routing can be enabled under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: General > Enable individual routes.

When enabled, selected thread types have their URL adjusted, with the old URL remaining intact, and redirecting to the new URL. For example an article thread would have the new URL articles/<thread_title>.<thread_id>.

Thread types added by this add-on, and potentially 3rd party add-ons, will be prefixed. For example a recipe thread would have an URL segment of th_recipe. This can be adjusted with a route filter under ACP > Setup > Navigation > Route filters.

Profile Tabs & Counters

Individual profile tabs and counters can be enabled under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: General > Display thread type counts/tabs in profile.


Enabling a thread type in the profile tab option will enable a new profile tab on each user's profile. Tabs will only show if the viewed user has at least one thread of the respective thread type. Profile tabs show a list of threads of the respective thread type.


Enabling a thread type in the count option will display a new counter for the respective thread type on the users profile statistics line, provided the user has at least one thread of the respective type.

Individual thread creation permissions

Thread Types Plus allows you to fine-tune which users can create which thread types in which forums. To do so, you will find a new permission per thread type in the [TH] Thread types discussion forum permissions permission group.

Note: 3rd party thread types will not be included automatically. 3rd party add-on authors can use the tools and methods provided by Thread Types Plus to easily add support for this feature to their add-ons.

Anonymous Threads

Anonymous threads function in their core like normal threads, but all posters, including authors of post comments and the original thread creator, are anonymized. The original creator will have a label associated with his posts that inform people that they created the thread. Alerts, thread list items and forum overview are also anonymized.

Note: Certain widgets and 3rd party displays and add-ons may not support anonymization out of the box, in which case the content author will be visible to everyone.

The View anonymous thread users can be found in the [TH] Thread types moderator permissions permission group and controls which of your moderators can view users in anonymous threads.

Article Threads

Article threads can now be reviewed. For more information, refer to the Review documentation.

Media Threads

Media Threads are a new thread type that allows for a gallery-style display of posts, promoting attached media to the center of attention. They serve well as photo galleries that multiple users contribute to.

Each post (including the initial post) in a media thread requires at least one media item in the form of an attachment, an [img] tag or a [media] tag BB code.

The specific appearance of these threads can be modified via two options found under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: Media. When Display media items as a gallery above post is enabled, all aforementioned media items will be collected and bundled into a gallery above each post. Hide media items from post additionally removes these items from their respective posts, so the content is not duplicated. It is recommended to use this option only when the first one is enabled.

Note: We recommend to use this thread type in conjunction with post comments, to allow people to contribute to the individual posts without having to post a medium on their own.

Note: This thread type does not serve as a replacement of the XenForo Media Gallery, which is a more powerful tool to display and promote media on your site.

Question Threads

Thread Types Plus adds a few additional gimmicks to the Question thread type.

Auto-mark best answer is a new feature that can be configured under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: Question & answers. Once enabled, after the configured number of days, a reply that meets the minimum required vote score will automatically be selected as best answer.

Either in addition or instead, you can automatically remind users that they should select a best answer in their question threads after a configurable amount of days via the Send best answer select alert after X days option found in the same option group. These alerts are only sent once per thread and only to threads that have received at least one reply.

Recipe Threads

Report threads are a new indirect thread type introduced via the Recipe Forum. Refer to the Recipe Forum Documentation for more information.

Report Threads

Report threads are a new indirect thread type introduced via the Report Forum. Refer to the Report Forum Documentation for more information.

Support Threads

Support Threads offer a lightweight ticketing functionality. Refer to the Support Forum Documentation for more information.

Wiki Threads

Wiki threads function for all intents and purposes like normal threads with one major exception: Their first post can be edited by anyone, and their edit history is visible to anyone with the respective permission. To control who can do so, you can use the Can edit wiki threads and View wiki thread edit history permissions located in the [TH] Thread types permissions permission group.

This functionality supersedes our [TH] WikiPosts add-on, which was available for both XenForo 1, XenForo 2.1 and below. If you already are on XenForo 2, with [TH] WikiPosts installed, you can refer to the Importer section of this documentation to learn how to import your WikiThreads into Thread Types Plus. If you are running on XenForo 1, you can install the [TH] WikiPosts add-on for XenForo 2 to convert your existing WikiPosts, and then proceed as aforementioned.

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