General Discussion Forums

The following thread types have been made available for activation in the general discussion forum Allowed thread types selection:

In addition, the new option Default thread type allows you to regulate which thread type will be the default selected type for this discussion forum.

Note: If the selected type is not enabled, the selection will default back to discussion threads.

Recipe Forums

Recipe forums are a feature that allows you to post your preferred cooking recipes and share them with others. Like article threads, they come with a more first-post focused representation, and include features such as a short description, a cooking steps and an ingredients section, as well as filters for special dietary needs, cooking time, and serving size.

Recipe forums have a special display style that lists recipe threads as cards instead of a list style, in addition to a tab bar with common filters and sort options.

Like Article Threads, Recipe threads can be reviewed. For more information, check the documentation on Reviews.

Report Forums

Report forums are a new tool for your moderators to make their moderation tasks easier. Upon creating a report forum, you get to select a number of content types that will have their reports funneled into the new forum. For each report that is created that matches one of these types, a new report thread will be created in your forum.

By watching the respective forums, your moderators can get real-time alerts on new reports being created and new comments being inserted. They also serve as a good moderator log.

By default, report threads mirror the comments that have been created on the report, as well as allow additional posts to be inserted. If you prefer to have them link to the original report instead, you can enable the Redirect to report option on your Report forum.

Support Forums

Support forums offer a lightweight ticketing system to allow your users to create support tickets, along with basic functionality that is needed to facilitate them.

Note: This is an intentionally lightweight system that integrates with threads, and is therefore inferior to a dedicated ticketing solution. For extensive ticket needs, we recommend a dedicated solution such as NixFifty’s Tickets add-on.

Ticket forums are a place where users can create support tickets. Users with the View all support threads moderator permission found in the [TH] Thread types moderator permissions group can view all threads created in these forums, all other users can only view threads they created themselves.

Priority Levels

Each support thread automatically gets a priority assigned, based on who created the thread. The four priority levels are: Low, Normal, High and Urgent. To control which ticket gets grouped into which priority group, you can find three options Low Priority User Group, High Priority User Group and Urgent Priority User Group under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: Support. The order is Urgent > High > Low. Any user that doesn’t match any of these groups will have their ticket created at normal priority level.

Assigned Users

Tickets can be assigned to users via the thread action Manage assigned users. Assigned users will be automatically alerted in intervals defined under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: Support > Unanswered support thread reminders, when their tickets remain unanswered.

When editing your support forum, the Assigned user(s) option allows you to additionally specify a set of users that are assigned to new tickets in this forum by default.

Opened & Closed Tickets

Additionally, support tickets can be closed and opened. ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: Support > Auto lock closed support tickets after allows you to define an automated closing interval to clean up answered tickets. Support tickets can also be manually closed via a thread action. Once closed, a reply to the ticket thread will automatically bounce the ticket back to open status.

Automated Prefixes

When editing your support forum, you will find four selections for Open prefixes, Closed prefixes, Awaiting staff reply prefixes and Awaiting user reply prefixes. Each of these selected prefixes will correspond to their respective ticket status: Open, closed, awaiting user reply & awaiting staff reply.

Tickets are automatically assigned the the first specified prefix under open or closed prefixes when they are opened or closed respectively. If awaiting user reply and/or awaiting staff reply prefixes are specified, the prefix will also alternate between the two depending on who last replied to the thread.

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