With Thread Types plus, voting on posts and threads is no longer limited to just replies on question threads and first posts on suggestion threads. You can now enable voting for each thread, post and post comment type individually.


The respective options can be found under ACP > Setup > Options > [TH] Thread Types Plus: Votes. With Enable thread voting for thread types, you can control which thread types have their first post votable, Enable post voting for thread types controls all posts after the first, and Enable post comment voting for thread types controls voting for all post comments.

Furthermore you can specifically enable downvoting for each content type with the respective Enable downvotes for X option, as well as showing the vote score & voting for threads on the thread container on the options page.

Enabling Automatically upvote own content will automatically cast an upvote on each content that a user creates from himself. So if a user creates a new post, he will automatically upvote that post as well. This happens regardless of whether the content is actually votable, and whether he is capable of voting on the content after creating it.

Note: Content that is not votable on will have the vote recorded, but it does not count until the content has voting enabled.

When Vote own content is enabled, users can manually vote on content they have created themselves. In accordance with all your other vote options, they will be able to up- and downvote respective content.


In addition to the basic configuration through options, permissions allow you to further modify who can vote in what capacity. Under the Thread Types permissions permission group, you will find the following vote-related permissions:

Vote on comments allows you to regulate who is capable of voting on post comments. This functionality is similar to the default Vote on threads/posts (when applicable) permission.

Upvote weight and Downvote weight allow you to regulate how heavily a user's vote weighs into the total vote score. By increasing the number, a more trusted member can have their vote count heavier to the total vote score. Both values are defined in positives (where the downvote weight is then converted to a negative value when added to the vote score). Changing the vote weight of a user will not rebuild already cast votes, and only count for future votes of that user.

View votes is a permission that enables an additional new functionality of Thread Types Plus. Users with this permission can click the vote score on any content type to open a modal that displays a list of all voters, along with their casted vote and applied vote weight.

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