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Getting Started with Topics

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Thank you for your interest in [TH] Topics! Here you will find documentation for Installing [TH] Topics, Setting up Topics, Tools, Thread topics, Layout, Options, Style Properties, Widgets, Automated Tools, Editing Thread Topics on Existing Threads, Using Topics: User, and Permissions. If you need something specifically explained, please feel free to get in touch.

[TH] Topics is a single real-time content exploring and filtering experience. A Topic is a specific item to which something can be filtered. Your users will be able to find relevant content easier, faster, and with Thread Topics in multiple places as well. [TH] Topics will ultimately help enhance content discoverability, create a better user experience, and provide a modern experience.

You can add Node Topics or Thread Topics to improve your forum. Node Topics use your existing organizational structure. Thread Topics allow threads to be discovered in multiple ways rather than just a single one, like a node does, but requires additional setup.